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Confindustria Giovani Macerata

The movement was founded in the late 60’s, together with a reform of the Confindustria (Statute Pirelli), driven by changes affecting Italian society.
The Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria assemble almost 13 thousand members, aged between 18 and 40 years, who have management responsibilities in companies registered with the regional associations are members of Confindustria.
The institutional reforms, the moral question, modernization, corporate culture, environmental protection, are among the issues to which the conferences are dedicated, over the decades, connecting the historical events that mark Italy: tangentopoli , globalization, the economic crisis.


  • Online Communication Consultancy
  • E-Business Strategy
  • Web Design/Web Development
  • Web Marketing
  • On/off line Communication Consultancy
  • Below The Line
  • Media Strategy, Plannig & Buying
  • PR / Press Office
  • Photo Shooting Management and Realization
  • Events Management
  • Prepress services